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Saturday/Sunday Live courses are designed for students in grades 9 thru 12 as of Fall 2015.  


  • Wednesday, August 26th at 9am - Saturday, September 26, 2015
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  • Returning students will need their FIT Student ID Number  (@........) and Pin# (date of birth in 6-digit format MMDDYY) to use the system.  For example May 03, 2000 = 050300
  • New students will create an account during checkout.
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PRICES (HS Summer Live): 
One Course: $320* (regardless of residency)    Two Courses: $625* (regardless of residency)
*Price includes tuition for all twelve sessions plus one nonrefundable $15 registration fee and a $15 materials fee per class. 

Saturdays (Oct 3- Dec19)   Morning (AM): 9:15am-12:30pm     Afternoon(PM): 1:30pm-4:45pm
Sundays (Oct 4- Dec 20)   Morning (AM): 10:00am-1:15pm    
Students may purchase one or two classes (students attend the same class every week for the entire program). Students can choose a morning class,  afternoon class, or both.

Instructor Contact List
*Please note: instructor assignments are subject to change 
**Supply lists will be added as we receive them from instructors (see below)***

Advertising and Marketing Communications Department Offerings: 
CRN: 22962 HAC 063 55A    PM   Careers in Advertising and Marketing Communications       TBA/ Feldman Center C415C   REGISTER       
CRN: 29457 HAC 063 55B    AM   Careers in Advertising and Marketing Communications       TBA/ Dubinsky Student Center A337 REGISTER

Advertising, Communication and Graphic Design Department Offerings: 
CRN: 29458 HAD 101 55A    AM     The Principles of Design                                     TBA/ Dubinsky Student Center A336   REGISTER            
CRN: 28433 HAD 109 55A    AM     Drawing in Adobe Illustrator                               TBA/ Feldman Center  C304  REGISTER
CRN: 29489 HAD 110 55A    PM      New York Art Scene                                            TBA/ Pomerantz Center D522   REGISTER
CRN: 26504 HAD 150 55A    PM     
Magazine Design                                                  TBA/ Feldman Center C230    REGISTER

Fashion Design Department- Apparel Offerings:
CRN: 23662 HAP 017 55A *   AM    Introduction to Draping for Fashion Design                   TBA/ Feldman Center C702   REGISTER
CRN: 24071 HAP 017 55B*    PM     Introduction to Draping for Fashion Design                   TBA/ Feldman Center C702  REGISTER
CRN: 25452 HAP 025 55A     AM     Sewing for Fashion Designers (9 & 10 grades only)      TBA/ Feldman Center C715    REGISTER
CRN: 22988 HAP 026 55A     AM    Sewing for Fashion Designers (11 & 12 grades only)     TBA/ Feldman Center C813 REGISTER
CRN: 22988 HAP 026 55B     PM    Sewing for Fashion Designers (11 & 12 grades only)      TBA/  Feldman Center C813    REGISTER
CRN: 22989 HAP 095 55A*    PM    Introduction to the Fashion Design Industry                   TBA/  Feldman Center C301  REGISTER
CRN: 28862 HAP 153 55A*   AM     Intermediate Sewing and Embroidery Design                TBA/  Feldman Center C706  REGISTER

Fashion Design Department- Art Offerings:
CRN: 23651 HAR 016 55A    AM     Creating the Fashion Figure                                           TBA/ Feldman Center C709    REGISTER 
CRN: 22975 HAR 016 55B    PM     Creating the Fashion Figure                                            TBA/ Feldman Center C705   REGISTER
CRN: 28436 HAR 016 55E  SUNDAY    Creating the Fashion Figure                                     TBA/ Feldman Center C807   REGISTER
CRN: 27113 HAR 087 55A*   AM     Advanced Fashion Design Art Techniques II                TBA/ Feldman Center C711  REGISTER
CRN: 22982 HAR 089 55A*   AM     Fashion Design Portfolio III                                          TBA/ Feldman Center C809  REGISTER             
CRN: 29459 HAR 089 55B*   PM     Fashion Design Portfolio III                                          TBA/ Feldman Center C809   REGISTER     
CRN: 27046 HAR 091 55A *   AM      
Anatomy of Fashion                                                   TBA/ Feldman Center C506 REGISTER
CRN: 28527 HAR 091 55B *  SUNDAY  Anatomy of Fashion                                              TBA/ Feldman Center C809  REGISTER

Fashion Design Department - Menswear Offerings: 
CRN: 28441  HMW 151 55A    AM     Introduction to Menswear Design                                TBA/ Feldman Center C415C  REGISTER                 
CRN: 29491 HMW 157 55A    PM     Introduction to Menswear Sewing                                TBA/ Feldman Center C604   REGISTER 

Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design Department Offerings:  
CRN: 28865 HDE 114 55A    AM    Styling of Fashion, Food and Home Products…    Mary Costantini/ Pomerantz Center 4D25  REGISTER   
CRN: 29460 HDE 114 55B    SUNDAY   Styling of Fashion, Food and Home Products…      TBA/ Pomerantz Center D425   REGISTER   
CRN: 28444 HDE 116 55A    PM     In-Store Merchandising Techniques                      Mary Costantini/ Pomerantz Center D425  REGISTER   

Fine Arts Department Offerings:  
CRN: 28445 HFA 023 55A    AM     Basic Drawing                                                               TBA/ Pomerantz Center D625 REGISTER
CRN: 28447 HFA 024 55A    AM     Basic Life Drawing                                                        TBA/ Pomerantz Center D627  REGISTER
CRN: 28867 HFA 148 55A    AM     Fine Arts Portfolio                                                         TBA/ Pomerantz Center D626   REGISTER
CRN: 29461 HFA 148 55B     PM     Fine Arts Portfolio                                                         TBA/ Pomerantz Center  D626 REGISTER

Fashion Business Management Department Offerings: 
CRN: 28075 HFM 060 55A    AM     Fashion Forecasting: Seeing into the Future  TBA/ Business & Liberal Arts Center B506   REGISTER
CRN: 28079 HFM 060 55B    PM     Fashion Forecasting: Seeing into the Future    TBA/ Business & Liberal Arts Center B303 REGISTER
CRN: 28869 HFM 060 55C    SUNDAY   Fashion Forecasting: Seeing into the Future    TBA/ Business & Liberal Arts Center B303  REGISTER
CRN: 22993 HFM 064 55A    AM     The Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandising    TBA/ Business & Liberal Arts Center B303  REGISTER
CRN: 22994 HFM 064 55B    PM     The Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandising  TBA/ Business & Liberal Arts Center  B508 REGISTER
CRN: 29462  HFM 065 55A    AM    Product Development: Creativity and Business  TBA/ Business & Liberal Arts Center B508 REGISTER
CRN: 29463 HFM 065 55B    SUNDAY  Product Development: Creativity and Business    TBA/ Business & Liberal Arts Center B508  REGISTER

Fabric Styling Department Offerings:  
CRN: 28454 HFS 182 55A    AM     Develop an Eye for Styling    TBA/ Feldman Center C503  REGISTER
CRN: 28870 HFS 182 55C    SUNDAY   Develop an Eye for Styling    TBA/ Feldman Center C503  REGISTER

Computer Animation and Interactive Media Offerings:  
CRN: 28457 HGD 174 55A    PM   2-D Animation with Photoshop and After-Effects (Level 1)  TBA/ Feldman Center C304   REGISTER

Interior Design Department Offerings: 
CRN: 29464 HID 021 55A      AM     Introduction to Technical Drawing and Spatial Planning  TBA/ Pomerantz Center D504   REGISTER
CRN: 29465 HID 029 55A      PM      Introduction to Technical Drawing and Spatial Planning  TBA/ Pomerantz Center D517  REGISTER
CRN: 29466 HID 030 55A      AM     Interior Design Studio    TBA/ Pomerantz Center D514  REGISTER

Illustration Department Offerings: 

CRN: 28987 HIL 012 55A      AM      Drawing for Illustration      TBA/ Pomerantz Center D615 REGISTER
CRN: 29468 HIL 163 55A      PM    Anatomy for Artists    TBA/ Pomerantz Center D509 REGISTER

Jewelry Design Department Offerings:  
CRN: 29467 HJD 019 55A     AM     Jewelry Design Studio I         TBA/ Feldman Center C816  REGISTER
CRN: 28528 HJD 019 55B    SUNDAY Jewelry Design Studio I         TBA/ Dubinsky Student Center A480  REGISTER

Accessories Design  Department Offerings: 
CRN: 09490 HLD 031 55A     PM    Sneakerology                            Gregg Woodcock/ Feldman Center C707  REGISTER

Photography Department Offerings:  
CRN: 27148 HPH 159 55A   AM  Digital Camera Use & Photography for the Beginner Cornelia Hediger/Pomerantz Center D506 REGISTER
CRN: 29502 HPH 159 55B SUNDAY
Digital Camera Use & Photography for the Beginner  Cornelia Hediger/Pomerantz Center D506 REGISTER

CRN: 24105 HPH 168 55A   PM  
Introduction to Traditional  & Digital Photography         Cornelia Hediger/Pomerantz Center D420 REGISTER
CRN: 25472 HPH 169 55A   PM  
Fundamentals of Digital  Photography & Photoshop    Pacifico Silano/Feldman Center C302 REGISTER  

Patternmaking Technology Department Offerings: 

CRN: 28478 HPM 070 55A     AM     Basic Patternmaking and Sewing I (Grades 11 and 12)              TBA/ Feldman Center C412  REGISTER
CRN: 29470 HPM 070 55B    SUNDAY     Basic Patternmaking and Sewing I (Grades 11 and 12)      TBA/ Feldman Center C412   REGISTER 
CRN: 29469 HPM 071 55A*   PM     Patternmaking and Sewing II                                               TBA/  Feldman Center C610  REGISTER  

Production Management: Fashion and Related Industries Department Offerings: 
CRN: 29492 HMG 171 55A    AM     Creating and Producing a Fashion Line                              TBA/ Feldman Center C515  REGISTER  

Textile/ Surface Design Department Offerings: 
CRN: 28481 HTS 154 55A    AM  Screenprinting T-Shirts       TBA/ Dubinsky Student Center A581 REGISTER 
CRN: 29471 HTS 173 55A     SUNDAY    Designing with Pattern       TBA/ Feldman Center C702  REGISTER  
CRN: 29472 HTS 176 55A     PM   From Museum Inspiration to Textile Design    TBA/ Dubinsky Student Center A336 REGISTER  


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