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Computer Technology: Business Descriptions

CTB 001 Computers Made Easy as 1-2-3
0.6 CEU
Is the computer age stalling your professional advancement? This course will conquer any fears and prepare you to use a computer effectively. Learn the meaning of computer terminology in simple English and work hands-on in an environment offering a taste of word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation graphics. Highly recommended for non-users before intensive computer training.

CTB 002 The Mac: Basics and Beyond
0.6 CEU
Jump into the Mac pool with both feet starting with this class! Begin with mastering the key to your Mac success, the Finder, and use that mastery to manage all of your data in the most time-efficient way. Get familiar with Apple hardware, the file structure, keyboard shortcuts and other productivity tools, how to customize your Mac experience with System Preferences, and all included software (iLife, iWork, Time Machine, etc.) Class also touches on text and graphics design subjects that even a computer novice will walk away feeling comfortable with and prepared for the next step. Recommended for, but not limited to, those planning to take courses in design software.

CTB 010 Excel I
1.2 CEU
Impressive spreadsheets and charts are easy to make with this premier spreadsheet program. Learn how to create, save, and retrieve a worksheet. Work with ranges, movement techniques, formatting techniques, and formula creation. Learn to display budgets, make projections, and create graphs. Bring a flash drive or CD to class to save your work.

CTB 012 Excel II: Fashion Design
1.2 CEU
Pre-requisite: CTB 010
Learn how the fashion industry uses Microsoft Excel to create forms for sample making, fitting production, and costing. Learn how to manage style data and minimize communication and production problems.  Bring a flash drive or CD to class to save your work.

CTB020 PowerPoint Essentials
0.6 CEU
Practical PowerPoint skills will be yours in a day. Learn how to design creative, effective presentations through examples and interactive exercises, using templates, creating tables, and preparing presentations for printing. Bring a flash drive or CD to class to save your work.

CTB 040 Managing the Design Process
1.2 CEU
Successful design is a team endeavor. This class explains how to manage input and complete projects in a timely and effective fashion. Questions considered include how the design process is integrated with other management areas such as marketing and production, and which strategies expedite the design process without sacrificing quality. Bring a flash drive or CD to class to save your work.

CTB 051 WebPDM
1.2 CEU
Learn how to navigate through WebPDM and manage data including style information, measurements, fit evaluations, construction, and more. In this course you will learn how to create tech packs and use the line assortment tool within WebPDM to facilitate communication and product development activities.  Bring a flash drive or CD to class to save your work.

CTB 052 Product Development with PLM
1.2 CEU
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) has rapidly become one of the hottest technology applications in apparel, accessories, footwear, textiles, and other fashion-related industries. Learn how PLM software can accelerate your product development process with digital asset (image) management, tech pack management, quotation and bid management, sample and production planning and tracking, pre-concept line management, and materials management. In this hands-on course, you will develop, manage, and edit a technically accurate, complete mini-collection in PlmOna comprehensive suite of PLM tools developed specifically for fashion companies.

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