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International Fashion Design - Two-Year Associate Degree Program - Fall 2010 Curriculum

This curriculum applies to students entering in Fall 2010 only. Currently enrolled FIT students should refer to the FIT catalog of their entering year.

This overseas academic program leads to the AAS degree in Fashion Design. The courses listed below are offered in the IFDF program in Florence. Students may attend this overseas program for one year by spending semesters 1 and 2 in New York and semesters 3 and 4 in Florence, or by spending semesters 1 and 2 in Florence and semesters 3 and 4 in New York. Students may attend semester 4 only (spring) in Florence. Refer to the Fashion Design AAS degree requirements and to the department's website at www.fitnyc.edu/fashiondesign for courses to be taken in New York and for other information. Students must complete IT 111 - Italian I before attending IFDF in Florence for the second year or for the 4th semester.

One Year in Florence - Semesters 1 and 2

Semester 1
MAJOR AREA FD 111 Draping I: Fundamentals 3
FD 121 Flat Pattern Design I 1.5
FD 131 Sewing Techniques I 1.5
FF 111 Fashion Art and Design I 2
FF 114 Model Drawing I for Fashion Des. 1
RELATED AREA FA 105 Life Drawing G6 1.5
LIBERAL ARTS HA 112 History of Western Art & Civ. G5 3
choice see Foreign Language* G8 3-3.5
or see Social Sciences* G4 3

Semester 2
MAJOR AREA FD 112 Draping II: Const. Silhouettes 3
FD 132 Sewing Techniques II 1.5
FD 221 Flat Pattern Design II 1.5
FF 112 Fashion Art and Design II G6 2
FF 241 Fashion Design Comp.: Photoshop 1.5
RELATED AREA TS 132 Intro. to Textiles for Fashion Designers 3
LIBERAL ARTS choice see Foreign Language* 3-3.5
choice see History of Art & Civ.* G7 3

One Year in Florence - Semesters 3 and 4

Semester 3
MAJOR AREA FD 211 Draping III: Soft Silhouettes 3
FF 211 Fashion Art and Design III 2
FF 221 Fashion Past and Present 2
FF 242 Fashion Design Comp.: Illustrator 1.5
LIBERAL ARTS HA 112 History of Western Art & Civ. G5 3
choice see Foreign Language* G8 3.5

Semester 4
MAJOR AREA FD 212 Draping IV: Advanced Techniques 3
FD 241 Apparel Product Data Mgmt. 1.5
FF 212 Fashion Art and Design IV 2
FF 243 Digital Flats and Specs 1.5
LIBERAL ARTS HA 212 Renaissance Art 3
ELECTIVE choice General elective 1-2.5
choice see Foreign Language* 3-3.5


A "G" followed by a number 1-10 identifies specific courses that meet SUNY General Education baccalaureate degree requirements.

G1 Basic Communication; G2 Math; G3 Science; G4 Social Science; G5 Western Civilization; G6 Arts; G7 Humanities; G8 Foreign Language; G9 Other World Civilizations; G10 American History.

Please note that these requirements vary depending on the length of study in Italy.  See Fashion Design Dept. for more specific information.

Foreign Language:
IT 111, 112, 213, or 214 (can take the place of Social Science requirement) (any one of which meets G8)
IT 122 (does NOT meet G8)
NOTE:  IT 111 must be taken in 1st year for 2nd year of IFD

History of Art:
CHOICE of HA 112 and 212 (G7).

Social Sciences:
SS 151 (G4).

If a student attends F.I.T. in Florence during year 1, they must complete the following courses in New York in year 2: EN 121 (G1) and EN/Speech selective, plus Mathematics (G2), Science (G3), and PE/Health. Florence students will have completed HA 112 (G5) and HA 212 (G7), as well as SS 151 and IT 111 (G4), in year 1.

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