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Master Class Series Descriptions

CEO 210 Fashion Licensing
If you’re considering licensing as a way to extend your brand, this course is a must. Review with a pro all aspects of the relationship between licensee and licensor including the risks and rewards for both parties. Learn how to investigate a potential partner (and how they will evaluate what you have to offer). A well-crafted licensing program will maintain your brand image and make money for the licensee. Understand the role of copyright and trademarks— here and in any countries where your brand may be sold. Leave with a clear understanding of all of the terms detailed and defined in the licensing agreement such as “guaranteed minimum sales” and “royalties.”

Instructor: Jeanette Nostra, Board member and former president, G-III Apparel Group

SXN 119 Brand You
Our accomplished integrated marketers give you an insider’s look at the strategies and secrets of some of the greatest global brands as a way to teach you to invent and/or reinvent your own personal brand. Drawing on their respective careers at Marvel, Warner Bros., The Walt Disney Company, Cartoon Network, Reed Elsevier Publishing, and Time Warner Cable, this dynamic team shares unique experiences and skills sets to help you achieve long-term professional and personal success. During this action-packed interactive program, you will get answers to how a person can brand themselves, how to conduct a personal SWOT analysis, what the small things about you are that can result in big impressions, and how Brand You can prepare you for the job market or help you grow your career. Most importantly, learn how it’s possible for brands to have staying power in today’s nanosecond-changing, multi-platform world and how you too can stay relevant.

Instructors: Joel Ehrlich, adjunct professor, Advertising and Marketing Communications, principal, The Harmony Group, branding and marketing consultant; and Phyllis Ehrlich, group vice president, client solutions, Time Warner Cable Media, recognized senior executive in integrated marketing and brand building solutions.

SXN 130 How to Think Like Your CFO: A Behind the Scenes Look at Fashion's Bottom Line with Lawrence De Paris
Spend the day participating in a reality-based enactment, coached by a veteran fashion CFO to strengthen your knowledge of the business side of fashion. First learn about Cashuall, Ltd. This multi-channel fashion company is up for sale and it could be a great acquisition! It's a hot line and there's continuous celeb-related buzz in the fashion press. Do you run for it or run the other way? Then learn how to put all of the number pieces together, talk the finance talk with confidence, and make decisions that are fiscally sound. Work in teams learning how to assess Cashuall's health, identify risk factors, and brainstorm about the important measurements necessary to deciding if you should buy the company. Participants gain a proper appreciation for financial elements such as balance sheets, cash flow, key performance indicators, and inventory management, plus much more. Transform your ability to make decisions in your own work whether you are on the creative side or business side through this custom-designed FIT seminar.

Instructor: Lawrence De Paris, president and CEO Nat Nast Luxury Originals, former CEO/President, CFO, Escada and SVP & CFO, Calvin Klein.

SXN 120 Maximize Your Certificate and Recharge Your Career
Do you want to advance your career in image consulting, fashion styling, event planning, design, marketing, or promotion?  Are you trying to break into a new field such as entertainment?  A certificate is a great way to start over or advance and differentiate yourself from a crowd of "wannabes" , but you still need an action plan to complement your service, network, and pitch your concepts. Learn how to put your credentials together to highlight your expertise and be a standout in this action-packed one-day workshop offered in conjunction with the Association of Image Consultants International's New York Tri-State Chapter. Recommended for certificate students who are currently enrolled or who have already completed a program of study.
Program tuition includes a working box lunch.
Instructor:  Jim Arnoff,  The Arnoff Company, Inc., certified life coach and entertainment-attorney, and television packaging agent.

SXN 200 Customs Brokers License Exam Preparation Course
This 20-week specialized training course, taught by a U.S. Licensed Customs Broker, is designed for individuals who plan to take the U.S. Customs Brokers License Exam. Acquiring a U.S. Customs Brokers License is strategically advantageous for anyone in an international trade career path and is an asset when competing for management positions in international trade departments and global manufacturing, customs brokers firms, or global transportation companies. While studying the chapters in the U.S. Customs Regulations Text and the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS), learn about the various import regulations enforced by the U.S. government, including country of origin, required documentation, valuation, duty drawback, tariff classification, markings, entry summary procedures, broker's responsibilities, tariff preference programs and much more. Practice exams are administered and reviewed in detail during class meetings. Students learn unique techniques to utilize their time more efficiently while taking the Customs Brokers License Exam.
Required: The latest editions of the HTSUS Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States and U.S. Customs Regulations CFR 19 (approximately $200 each). Do not purchase prior to first class discussion about affordable alternatives.

Instructor: Shireen Musa, assistant professor, International Trade and Marketing; MBA, Saint Peter's College; licensed U.S. Customs Broker; international trade and global sourcing expert.

SXN 322 Beginning Fashion Drawing Studio with Steven Broadway
Don't let lack of training hold back your fashion ideas. Learn the basics of drawing the fashion figure using photo references in this studio designed to teach novices line drawing and progress from drawing real life body proportions, both male and female, into stylized fashion figures. Figure proportion, poses, faces, hands, feet, and basic garment shapes and details will be covered with simple exercises. Includes some live model drawing. Excellent for portfolio development and as preparation for SXN 324 and 325.

Bring to first session: 14" x 17" Semi-transparent marker pad, 4h drawing pencil, assorted double tipped Prismacolor brand magic markers, Prismacolor brand color pencils, Xtra-fine and medium tipped black Sharpie brand markers, Folder with favorite magazine images to draw from: Poses, faces, clothing and accessories, fabric swatches to render in your designs, any previous fashion artwork for critique. Class limited to 15.

Instructor: Steven Broadway, adjunct assistant professor, Fashion Design-Art; figurative artist; fashion and costume illustrator.

SXN 324 Fashion Drawing Studio II with Steven Broadway
Experienced artists rediscover your passion for drawing, or if you have completed SXN 322, draw male and female fashion models in a variety of media. Explore and further develop your personal artistic expression and your enthusiasm for fashion. Experience plenty of live demos and visual references to stimulate your creativity, particularly if you are in the fashion biz and working in CAD most of the time. This course is not for beginners.

Bring to first session: 14" x 17" semi-transparent marker pad, assorted markers and color pencils and gouache, should you want to paint. Bring any recent work for evaluation. Additional materials expenses approximately $25.

Instructor: Steven Broadway, adjunct assistant professor, Fashion Design-Art; figurative artist; fashion and costume illustrator.


SXN 327 Drawing and Sketching for Accessories Design with Steven Broadway
Learn how to draw a variety of bags, belts and shoes using photo references and actual accessories.  Demonstrations illustrate how to design from inspiration.  Develop the techniques to render a variety of fabrics and leather variations and hardware details in your sketches.  Open to beginners as well as experienced students and professionals from the accessory markets.

Bring to first session:  14"-by-17" Canson marker pad, assortment of magic markers, color pencils, 4H drawing pencil, Presto white correction pen, photographs of accessories that inspire you, and swatches of fabrics and leathers.

Instructor:  Steven Broadway, adjunct assistant professor, Fashion Design-Art; figurative artist; fashion and costume illustrator.

SXN 350 55A Design Your Own Fabric Using Museum Art for Inspiration
Artists, designers and stylists immerse yourself in the process of fabric design working with an FIT design expert and utilizing museum art for inspiration. Begin by learning how to spot the best ideas and concepts for trend-worthy fabrication. Visit world famous NYC museums and capture concepts through use of sketches, digital photography and visual aids. In follow up studio sessions, edit your ideas and execute them into renderings for apparel or home fashion-fabric working with a choice of mixed media. Topics and activities include layout, color and painting techniques that result in work to add to or start an industry standard portfolio.

Open to 16 participants. Paper and some material provided. Transportation and lunch is not included in course fee.

Bring to first session: 1 Windsor & Newton primary color gouache kit, a 6 well palette and one number 4 round nylon water colorbrush.

Workshop leader: Eric Ramirez, associate professor, Textile/Surface Design, Textile/Product designer, home furnishing's and apparel.

SXN 450 Design Concepts for Events Master Class Workshop
If you are new to the exciting world of event planning, including weddings, creating a stellar signature design concept is what will set you apart from others and position you to attract more clients. This dynamic program helps you select the best colors and fabrics suitable for ceiling drape, backdrops, table linens, chair décor and accents and at the same time meet notable event pros, suppliers and party planners who share their own concepts and insider secrets. Students create a digital mood board to use as a planning tool. Easy decorative techniques such as printing on fabric and creating decorative accents with paper and fabric are included. By the end of this program, you’ll have a signature design concept ready to pitch to a client.

Instructor: Rekha Krisnamurthi, social media expert, design blogger, textile and home accessories designer, owner of Divine NY & Co.
Special guest lecturer: Richard Des Jardins, adjunct assistant professor, Interior Design, FIT, high profile party planner and stylist and guest from the field.

SXN 515 Makeup Artistry: The Master Class with Lindsay Ebbin
Conducted by an internationally recognized makeup artist and authority, this special opportunity is for working stylists, image consultants, events planners, and cosmetic professionals. Through demonstration and lecture, learn how to determine color trends in makeup, design the perfect color palette no matter the skin tone, and advise clients on the color palette that’s right for them. Sociopolitical influences, the fashion business’ impact on color preferences, and the “face” look of the season are explained. Tips on being a great makeup artist, including simple techniques and makeup kit essentials, are included and what makes a difference when applying for artistry jobs.

Attendees should wear little or no make up for in-class demonstration. Although not essential, if attendees have makeup and makeup brushes they should bring them.

Instructor: Lindsay Ebbin, celebrity makeup artist.

SXN 526 Advanced Networking: How To Go from Just Showing Up to Really Rocking the Room
Eyes up, fingers down! There’s a whole world of possibilities for you if you put your devices aside and try face-to-face connecting. Let one of our most captivatingly persuasive grads teach you the benefits of personal interaction including one-to-one encounters, career-related meetings, and social events for achieving your heart’s desire. Learn to get exactly what you want in making connections, resonating with people, and finding mentors from someone who has navigated the scene from New York to Hollywood to the White House.

Special guest appearance: Sharon Chalkin Feldstein, founder of Expert Management Co., celebrity stylist, and on-air personality.

SXN 540 The Role of the Costume Designer: "So You Want to Make a Movie"
Join with a group of highly experienced film professionals to learn about the entire process of costume design and wardrobe supervision as it applies to making a movie.  Information imparted covers both the creative and the practical, taking you through the process of character development to the coordination of set and costume design. Conversation explores the inside working relationships between the unit Production manager, production designer, director, director of photography, assistant director and hair and makeup. Take away the full picture on process, as well as tips on career enhancing behaviors.


Instructor: Pattie Barbosa, professional wardrobe costumer, with experts from the film industry.

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