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Certified Technical Designer / Product Development Manager Descriptions

SXP 100 Design and Product Development Technology Made Easy
1.2 CEU
Get up-to-date knowledge on the evolving computer solutions for designing, developing, and producing fashion products to achieve speed-to-market. Program covers CAD, color management, design research, and technical design technology used in fashion and textile product development and manufacturing, both popular and innovative. Make yourself more valuable in the marketplace as you improve your ability to strategically analyze software integration efficiency and investment.

Workshop leader: Holly Henderson, adjunct assistant professor, Textile/Surface Design; apparel/textile design and manufacturing hardware and software consultant

SXP 105 Quality Fashion: How to Make It, How to Deliver It

1.2 CEU
Overcome retailer RTVs and customer dissatisfaction by instituting a profit building quality assurance program. Don't just concentrate on inspecting goods only after they're finished - learn how to construct quality programs by building on a foundation of proper specifications correctly communicated when and where they are needed. Techniques stressed are applicable to manufacturing anywhere. Auditing methods, total quality management, AQL, and ISO9000 certification are covered, and discussion includes independent auditing for continuous improvement.

Recommended as the first course for beginning the Product Development Manager or Certified Technical Designer certificate programs.

Instructor: Bernard N. Kahn, adjunct assistant professor, Production Management: Fashion and Related Industries; manufacturing consultant

SXP 110 How to Master Global Security and Social Compliance
1.2 CEU
Learn how to navigate national and international security requirements that challenge the manufacturing of private label and branded goods. Successful strategies to gain approval from even the most stringent social compliance programs are emphasized. Special attention is paid to dealing with the compliance requirements of multiple retailers. Current Homeland Security regulations, C-TPAT, WRAP, and other initiatives are included. Highly recommended for supply chain managers and sourcing professionals.

Workshop leader: Bernard N. Kahn, adjunct assistant professor, Production Management: Fashion and Related Industries; manufacturing consultant

SXP 120 How to Build a Better Garment: Stitches, Seams, and Finishing
1.2 CEU
Whether you are a sourcing or production manager, technical designer, or product development professional, you must be a master of garment construction in order to produce superior products. Learn about best practices in garment construction and detail writing. Learn about universal stitch and seam terminology so that your specs can be understood in any language. Topics covered include the secrets of proper finishing, to ensure that your products grab the customers' attention at retail.

Instructor: Bernard N. Kahn, adjunct assistant professor, Production Management: Fashion and Related Industries; manufacturing consultant

SXP 250 How to Write Garment Specs for Improved Manufacturing Consistency in Wovens and Knits
Upgrade the quality and consistency of your samples and production by improving your ability to write comprehensive, accurate specifications. This hands-on workshop explains how to measure and set up a spec sheet to communicate in any market and at any price point, whether you are sourcing abroad or at home. Review the techniques necessary to analyze the particular specs for cut-and-sew knits, sweater knits, and wovens. Learn how to change the specifications of an existing garment and develop a new one. Highly recommended for technical designers.

Instructor: Eileen Karp, assistant professor, Fashion Design-Apparel; creative designer, and apparel technical design director.

SXP 305 Technical Design from Product Analysis to Fit Approval
1.8 CEU
Learn how to fix sample problems prior to line production for ultimate customer satisfaction with your label. Begin by learning the steps in the fit approval process including sample measuring, construction and workmanship, as well as comfort and range of motion. Formulating corrections and fixing problems is stressed. Experience the role of the technical designer in examining visual appearance, utilizing patternmaking and grading know-how. Program stresses using proper language to communicate changes to develop a superior garment.

Instructor: Irene Mak, director of technical services at Victoria Secret's PINK and former VP of technical design, American Eagle Outfitters

SXP 315 Real World Technical Design Studio and Workshop
1.8 CEU
Prerequisite: SXP 305
Gain invaluable experience viewing a variety of garments on a live fit model and then documenting the fit problems and construction advice for factory use.  Each session includes one hour of research with a new garment (skirt, knit top, woven top, woven dress, dress slacks, suit jacket and jeans), followed by guided documentation of all the fit and finish issues identified.  Learn advanced skills in analyzing fit, garment appearance, and construction.  How to document problems with garment balance, symmetry, fit and appearance clearly for factories to interpret and make corrections is stressed.  Workshop includes creating a tech pack with fit corrections, measurements and construction comments for each session's garment, worthy of your resume/portfolio.

Instructors: Irene Mak, technical design consultant and former executive, Anthropologie, Victoria's Secret's PINK, American Eagle Outfitters; and Dale Noelle Weil, former fit model, principal, TRUE Model Management, specializing in fit models for the garment industry, with guest fit models

SXP 320 How to Reduce the Lead Time in Garment Preproduction
0.9 CEU
Are you caught up in the revolving door of resampling and late deliveries at the expense of delivering hot new looks on time? Learn how to reduce multiple sample requests and develop accurate diagrams that clarify and illustrate problems of fit and finish. Learn effective sketching and illustrating techniques that communicate your corrections in any language. Program includes sharing methodologies to reduce development time. Enable yourself to minimize costly resampling, saving time and money.

Instructor: Irene Mak, director of technical services at Victoria Secret's PINK and former VP of technical design, American Eagle Outfitters

SXP 351 Expert Fit Patterns: Grading and Specifications
Your ability to communicate, construct or evaluate garment specifications and manufacturing directions is essential to product sell through at retail. Upgrade your understanding and execution of the components that comprise a quality spec pack, whether you design, analyze garment fit, oversee production quality or work in technical design. Start with how superior shape and form is created when flat patterns are done correctly, including how draping is employed for fit analysis. Discover proper grading methods to adjust armholes, sleeves, lengths, seats, torso and waist fit. Increase your ability to communicate clearly with better measurements and written specifications to get garment you need from contractors and factories, no matter where you source. Learn to control final product outcome and avoid costly mistakes. Highly recommended as a follow-up to SXF 250.

Bring to first session: 60" tape measure, 2' plastic ruler, 3 lead pencils, 3 colored pencils, 1 paper cutting scissors, 1 1/2 scale L-square and 1 yard muslin.

Instructor: Les Francis, product development and patternmaking specialist

SXP 400 The Product Developer's Guide to Effective Managing: Communication, Organization, Integration
1.2 CEU
Are you ready for a promotion but haven't developed a strong management style? Do you struggle when you need to get your peers and partners to adhere to your time and action calendar? Do you find your employees grumbling about miscommunication or having to waste time doing the same tasks more than once? This unique program combines the best of business management theory with the specifics of working with fashion-related product manufacturing and sourcing and teaches you to use techniques vital to managing the product development process. Gain respect from those around you and improve your career advancement opportunities by learning to develop clear concise communications, simplified organization, and use of cross functional team integration for effectiveness and efficiency. How to apply a holographic approach to managing your product lifecycle is stressed along, with developing a stronger image for yourself through lecture and roll-play.

Instructor: Robin Bowyer, Merchandising and Product Development Executive with a multi- market experience.

SXP 510 Advanced Sourcing Expertise for Today's Market

0.9 CEU
Find out about the latest methods being employed successfully by sourcing professional and production managers for improved performance and product delivery. Program highlights implementation of several new digital technologies that have revolutionized production efficiencies, particularly when coordinating overseas manufacturing. Learn management techniques for handling multiple sources and customers with the control of industry leaders who have pioneered faster deliveries and shorter calendars.

Instructor: Barbara Zeins, President and COO of Gerson and Gerson.

SXP 600 Fundamentals of Technical Design for Apparel Development
1.2 CEU
If you're a professional in apparel development for your success depends on correct communications to factories for sell-through garments that fit and satisfy the customer. Perfecting your hands-on technical skills is easy. Learn what to look for measuring, constructing, fitting, and determining quality standards and expectations for garments. Through this easy to follow program, you can gain practical experience in the use of succinct industry terms, technical sketches/photos, and the recording of accurate specifications that clearly communicate your garment details. Learn how to make tech packs and ask for prototypes with heightened accuracy so you can reduce costs and lead-time. Recommended for patternmakers, designers, and product developers who are new to the field or looking to develop more effective work methods.

Instructor: Eileen Karp, assistant professor, Fashion Design-Apparel; creative designer, and apparel technical design director.

SXL 100 55A Intro to Intimates and Swimwear Product Development and Manufacture
.9 CEU
Did you know the combined sales of intimate apparel and swimwear is in excess of 40 billion dollars annually?  Whether you’re in these markets already or looking for a “blue chip” opportunity, this dynamic program provides a complete overview of these robust segments to help you shape your career goals.  Let our global industry expert introduce you to the depth and breadth of product assortments including women’s and men’s.  Learn about sleepwear, undergarments, shapewear, specialty intimates, and every type of swim design from string bikinis to jammers and boardshorts.  Information overviews distribution channels, price points, and regional and cultural differences.  Sector-unique challenges such as use of high performance fabrics, fit issues and ever changing fashion silhouettes are stressed.

Instructor: Andrew Sia, founder, Ace Style Group, a vertically integrated intimate manufacturing business;  founder, Ace Style Institute of Intimate Apparel, Institute of Textiles & Clothing of Hong Kong Polytechnic University; adjunct professor, Hong Kong Polytechnic University; publisher, Intimate Apparel Journal.


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