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Manuscript collections

x166       FIT Adrian Exhibition papers, 1970-1979

x158       Milton Aion jewelry photographs, undated

x17         Larry Aldrich sketches, 1959-1975

x191       B. Altman & Co. photographs, 1930-1987

y48         B. Altman & Co.scrapbooks, 1956-1985

x122      John Anthony sketches, 1980-1989

x18         André sketches, 1931-1968

y45         Leah Asteroff collection, 1938-1965

y36         Billy Baldwin collection, 1976

x170       Balinese costume sketches, undated

x120       Elvira Baltera sketches, 1940-1969

x58         Cecil Beaton collection, 1950-1959

x49         Kay Bell photographs, 1965

x87         Leon Bellin sketch, undated

x201       Tom Benrimo sketches, 1930-1939

x86         Bennett sketches, undated

x138       Christian Bérand sketches, 1936-1946

x20         Bergdorf Goodman Custom Salon sketches, 1930-1969

x181       Bergdorf Goodman oral history, 1994

x15         Harvey Berin sketches, 1942-1947

x21         Berley Studios sketches, 1920-1928

x22         Harry Besserman photographs, 1960-1969

x134       Jeffrey Beuglet sketches, 1970-1979

y50         Colin Birch papers, 1980-1987

x23         Mary Blair sketches, 1960-1974

x54         Saul Bolsani collection, 1975

x24         Philip Bonfield sketches, 1940-1949

x169       Betty Brader-Ashley papers and photographs, 1954-1966

x126       Sue Brett photographs, 1960-1969

x184       Donald Brooks sketches, 1986

x74         Ed Caracci sketches, 1973

x25         Cardinal Fashion Studios sketch collection, 1946-1978

x81         Bonnie Cashin collection, 1953-1977

x55         Helen Charelle collection, 1940-1955

x61         Chic by H.I.S. sketch collection, 1988

x59         Norma Clampit sketch collection, 1970-1983

y31         Conde Nast Christmas prints, undated          

x156      Charles Contreri sketch collection, 1947

y46         Betty Jane Cooke collection, 1959-1962

x41         Jo Copeland collection, 1930-1959

y6           Vincent Coppola collection, 1923-1952

x175       Coty Awards programs and press coverage, 1975-1985

y4           Corduroy Council of America collection, 1963-1976

y28         Frank Crowninshield collection, 1928-1947

x109       Lilly Daché photograph and sketch collection, 1950-1966

x43         Mr. Daren sketch collection, 1940-1949

x101       Ethel Darling sketch collection, 1926-1933

x90         James Daugherty sketch collection, 1960-1969

x6           Davidow collection, 1927-1973

x124      Evelyn Dawson sketches, 1949-1963

x85         Louis Dell’Olio sketches, 1973

x53         John Derro costume sketches, undated

x174       Jean Dessés sketches, 1962-1970

x167       Hilda Doyle Vogel fashion sketches, 1924-1925

x84         Tom Drew sketches, 1985-1987

x9           DuBarry Fashion Studios sketches, 1920-1950

x100       Robert Dudley sketches, 1933-1959

y32         Robert Dudley collection, 1932-1979

x108       Emme collection, 1950-1969

x137       Arthur Englander press kits, 1983-1986

x164       Ramon Esparza papers, circa 1987-1988

y3           Esquire collection, 1933-1970

y43         Eta Hentz papers, 1934-1948

x128      Lee Evans papers, 1950-1969

y41         Everfast Fabrics collection, 1933-1958

x163       David Evins sketches, 1960-1979

x88         Fashion and Broadway collection, 1955-1985

x140      Jacques Fath collection, 1949-1974

x161       Auguste Felix sketches, 1859-1869

x136       B. Feuchtmann sketches, 1939

x67         Peter  Fink collection, circa 1955-1965

x66         Marjorie Freund collection, 1950-1970

x182       Fragrance Foundation oral history, 1993

x199       James Galanos sketches, 1970-1979

x185       Walter Gerson sketch collection, 1984

x37         Sydonia Golstein sketches, 1945-1960

x70         Gothé Inc. sketches, 1940-1966

x159       John Paul Gozett sketches, 1950-1969

x102       P. Greene sketches, 1935

x30         Louise Hahn fashion and textile sketches, 1900-1920

x165      Bill Haire sketches and papers, 1950-1990

x142      Halle Bros. Co. retail print advertisements, 1945-1953

x75         Halston sketches and photographs, 1964, 1980-1989

x34         Hampton Coat Co. sketches, 1923-1943

x94         Josie Harness textile sketches, 1948-1956

x114       Harriette Harra collection, 1946-1952

x149       Elizabeth Hawes papers, 1960-1969

x82         Frank Hays collection, 1953-1986

x91         Irene sketches, 1945

x76         Yumiko Itoyama collection, 1985

y54         Miguel Izaguirre-Dorian papers, 1937

x56         Charles James collection, 1955-1977

x68         Elinor Jenkins collection, 1940-1970

x72         Dorothy Jensen sketches, photographs, and clippings 1958-1979

y19         Mr. John clippings, 1951-1954

x29         Joseph Love, Inc. collection, 1936-1967

x39         Mabel Johnston sketches, 1920-1939

x154       Catherine Joseph sketch, 1978

x204       Faie Joyce collection, 1960-1972

x45         Kalle sketches, circa 1940-1949

y25         David Kaplan collection, 1928-1969

x155       Masaaki Kawashima sketch, 1963

x3           Muriel King sketches, 1932-1943

x106       Calvin Klein sketches, 1987

x14         Knox sketches, 1942-1958

x31         Robert D. Kohn collection, 1870-1953

x103       Theodore A. Kohn collection 1903-1916

x180       Elizabeth Korn sketches, 1930-1939

x71         Fay Kozuck sketches, 1950-1975

x107       Karl Lagerfeld sketches, 1974-1975

x62         Felix Lallement embroidery sketches, 1870-1925

x153       Byron Lars sketches, 1986

x78         Yves Saint Laurent sketches, 1971

x196       Judith Leiber collection, 1999-2000

x80         Tina Lesser sketches and records, 1940-1979

x95         Morton Levine Fashion Studio sketches, 1979-1985

x186       Materials relating to the linen industry, 1891-1964

x173       Lingerie advertisements, 1915,1924

y24         George E. Linton papers, 1940

x125       Lord & Taylor sketches, 1945-1969

x129       Lord & Taylor floor plans, 1928

x171       Lord & Taylor centennial correspondence, 1926

x1           Lucile, Lady Duff Gordon collection, 1915-1925

x119       Eileen Lynch sketches, 1970-1989

y21         Mainbocher scrapbooks, 1938-1970

x147       Madame  Margé fashion sketches and photographs, 1920-1939

y57         Helen Lourie Markwett papers, 1929-1936

x69         Vera Maxwell sketches, 1972

y30         Terry Mayer scrapbooks, 1955-1972

x38         Claire McCardell collection, 1920-1956

y22         Claire McCardell collection, 1928-1956

x60         Marjorie McCown sketches, 1989

x79         Irene McParland sketches, 1970-1979

x162       Robert Melendez sketches for Celanese, 1982-1983

x96         Lenor  Mendez sketches, 1940-1947

x52         Harriet Meserole collection, 1924-1951

x146       Max Meyer collection, 1915-1929

x168       M. Michel sketches, undated

x110       Jerry Miller collection, 1950-1989

x7           Frederic L. Milton sketches, 1940-1958

x113       Miscellaneous Children’s fashion plates, 1830-1913

x112       Miscellaneous Men’s fashion plates, 900 AD-1900

x179       Miscellaneous Millinery fashion plates, circa 1882-1888

x206       Miscellaneous Shoe sketches, 1980-1989

x203       Miscellaneous window display photographs, circa 1940-1949

x111       Miscellaneous Women’s fashion plates, 1520-1920

x116       Peter Todd Mitchell collection, 1940-1969

x143       Maria Monaci Gallenga fashion plate, circa 1910-1920

x33         Mark Mooring collection, 1923-1959

x36         Monte Sano & Pruzan collection, 1926-1968

x178       Theirry Mugler sketches, 1982-1993

x187       Frances Neady fashion illustrations, 1922-2013

x92         Carlos Nei sketches, 1906-1927

x200       New York Dress Institute collection, 1942-1969

x144       Jimmy Newcomer photographs, 1920-1947

x130       Alan Nierenberg sketches, 1955-1956

x97         Norman Norell collection, 1936-1947

x177       Ohrbach’s Department Store photographs, 1940-1969

y56         Papillon collection, 1970-1974

x8           Mollie Parnis sketches, 1950-1984

y20         Amos Parrish papers, 1921–1931

y39         Sylvia Pedlar Iris Lingerie collection, 1951-1970

y47         Nathalie Perrson notebook, 1914-1919

x32         Esther Pivnick photographs, 1910

x44         Ruth Preston sketches and photographs, 1950-1979

x35         Ira Renter & Miller Co. sketches, circa 1940-1959

x139      Mary Ann Restivo fashion sketches, scrapbooks, and photographs 1959-1991.

x160       Youssef Rizkallah sketches, 1955-1985

x64        J. Rombola sketches, circa 1970

x13         Nettie Rosenstein sketches, 1952-1959                               

x148      Gloria Sachs fashion sketches, photographs, and personal papers, 1967-1992

x28         Sachs Brothers sketches, 1935-1939

x63         Pat Sandler sketches, 1959-1962

x157        Jeff Sayre sketch, 1970

y16         Schiller Bros. records, 1929-1968

x151       Barbara Schwinn-Jordan sketches, 1920-1952

x141       Mary Shannon papers, 1928-1969

x145       John E. Sheridan collection, circa 1940-1959

x47         Sills & Co. illustrations, clippings, and publicity materials, 1935-1977

y12         Sills & Co. scrapbooks, 1947-1977

x195       Pierre Simon sketches, 1955-1975

x202       Rose Simon sketch collection, 1950-1963

x132       Adele Simpson collection, 1932-1970

x40         Sophie of Saks Fifth Avenue sketches, 1940-1969

x10         Herbert Sondheim sketches, 1926-1961

x77         Luciano Soprani sketches and papers, 1985-1987

x26         Edith Sparag Studios sketches, 1950-1959

x131      George Stavropoulos collection, 1966-1976

x183       Fay Stofsky sketches, 1920-1934

y14         Fannie Sylvar papers, 1938-1958

x135       Susan Thomas, Inc. records, circa 1960-1980

x12         Francis Troy Stix sketches and clippiings, 1934-1948

x11         Swansdown sketches, 1929-1952

x98         Tailored Woman photographs, 1950-1979    

y7           Bonwit Teller scrapbooks, 1958-1960

x19         Ben Thylan sketches, 1951-1963

y55         Hannah Troy collection, 1970-1979

x105       Seymour Troy & Co. sketches and shoe patterns, 1936-1946

x207       Emanuele Ungaro sketches, 1970-1979

x150       Theadora Van Runkle sketches, 1972

y10         Vanity Fair Intimates records, 1949-1953

x152       Gianni Versace photographs, 1991-1992

y51         Marcel Vertes prints, circa 1920

y11         Sally Victor records, 1943-1963

x57         Max Walter furniture sketches, 1940-1950

x83         Vivian Wang sketches, 1985-1987

x115       Michel Warren sketches, 1955

x46         Joseph Whitehead sketches and photographs, 1926-1967

y29         Joseph Whitehead bridal collection, 1933-1948

x99         Sherman Williams sketches, 1970-1979

x118       Window Display photographs, 1950-1970

x176       Rosetta Wineman sketches, 1926-1931

x48         Samuel Winston sketches, 1956-1970

x4           Whittingham and Humphreys sketches, 1888-1914

x172       Women’s Wear Journal scrapbook, 1868

x123       Wool Bureau sketches, 1967-1968

x27         B.H. Wragge sketches, 1940-1971

y8           B.H. Wragge scrapbooks, 1935-1940

x51          Young Modes sketches and clippings, 1950-1979

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