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Production Management - Bachelor of Science Degree Program - Fall 2011 Curriculum

Language for pages This curriculum applies to students entering in Fall 2011 only. Currently enrolled FIT students should refer to the FIT catalog of their entering year.

Semester 5
MAJOR AREA MG 306 Info. Systems: Case Analysis 2
MG 311 Manufacturing I: Equip. Analysis 3
LIBERAL ARTS EN 321 Strategies of Business Communication 3
MA 213 Quantitative Methods * 3
choice see Foreign Language* G8 3.5

Semester 6
MAJOR AREA MG 312 Mfg. II: Process Analysis 3
MG 313 Cutting Room Processes 3
LIBERAL ARTS SC 032 Color Science Laboratory 1
SC 332 Color and Light 3
choice see Foreign Language* 3.5
choice see Social Sciences* 3

Semester 7
MAJOR AREA MG 411 Manufacturing Facilities Mgmt. 3
MG 442 Product Costing 3
RELATED AREA TT 055 Total Quality Mgmt. Textiles - Lab 1.5
TT 455 Total Quality Mgmt. Textiles 1
LIBERAL ARTS choice see Other World Civ.* G9 3
choice see Social Sciences* 6

Semester 8
MAJOR AREA IC 497 Sr. Internship C: Career Planning 3
MG 432 Strategy/Policy/Decision Making 3
RELATED AREA TS 367 Knit Fabrics and Machinery 3
LIBERAL ARTS PL 211 Informal Logic: Clear Thinking G7 3
choice see American History* G10 3

TOTAL Minimum Required

MAJOR AREA: 23 credits
RELATED AREA: 5.5 credits
LIBERAL ARTS: 35 credits
TOTAL Minimum Required: 63.5 credits


A "G" followed by a number 1-10 identifies specific courses that meet SUNY General Education baccalaureate degree requirements (www.fitnyc.edu/gened).

G1 Basic Communication; G2 Math; G3 Science; G4 Social Science; G5 Western Civilization; G6 Arts; G7 Humanities; G8 Foreign Language; G9 Other World Civilizations; G10 American History.


American History: 3 credits
CHOICE of EN 271 or 272 or LA 221 or 392 (any one of these meets G10).

Foreign Language: 7 credits
Two semesters of the same foreign language (G8).

If MA 213 has previously been taken, students may substitute MA 311. Algebra proficiency must be completed prior to enrolling in MA 213 or MA 311.

Other World Civilizations: 3 credits
CHOICE of SS 151, 353, 354, 355, or 356 (any one of these meets G9).

Social Sciences: 9 credits
SS 141, 237, and 242. If these courses have been taken previously, students must substitute another liberal arts course(s).


MG 114, 132, 153, 234, 242, and TS 111, or their equivalents, must be successfully completed before the sixth semester.

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