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Reducing Paper and other Resource Use

Tips for Faculty & Staff

Prepared by Robert Vassalotti,  Co-chair of the Sustainability Council

Editted by Dr. Artie Kopelman, Chair, Faculty Senate Committee on Sustainability & member the Sustainability Council

Revised 9/19/12 (Original March 9, 2009)

  1. Recycle Box: Use an old “copy-paper” box for recycling paper in your office; then dump the collected paper into a central recycling bin at the end of each week: I recycle tons of junk mail this way! 
  2. Use hallway recycling containers; be sure you place all bottles and cans into the recycling container in the hallways; encourage STUDENTS to do the SAME!!
  3. Re-use paper in your printer:  Utilize all unwanted printed-paper (memo’s, fliers, old word-docs) as copy paper—just flip it over and re-use in your printer---Use all kinds of colored paper, and inter-office memo’s, old student handouts, etc. Some say this ruins your printer—(I wonder what paper company or printer company started that rumor?)---well it doesn’t
  4. Re-use paper clips and binder clips:  Don’t discard old documents with the paper clips or spring-type binder clips—re-use them.
  5. Re-use file folders: Save all old file folders and re-label them or turn them inside out.
  6. Share excess office supplies: How many of us have excess office supplies?---share them with neighboring offices; don’t order supplies just use up the budget!
  7. “Re-use” / Donate to students! Place re-usable, unwanted items in the hallway marked; “Free!!” (Or bring to your class). Such things as old 3-ring binders from student projects, reports, committees, report folders, books, magazines, trade publications, foam-core project boards, FIT Hue publications, WWD’s, and more. I give away a lot this way! Students love it!
  8. “Free-Cycle Art and Stationery Supplies”: Use the free-cycle art-supply space in A739 that was created by Philip Milio in Student Life. Contribute (donate) old art supplies for “sharing”. Drop these items off in A-739. This is proving to be very useful for students who can’t afford to buy miscellaneous art supplies. You can use them too—then return unused portions.
  9. Recycle Batteries in A739: Whenever possible use rechargeable batteries. If you have to dispose of batteries please do so properly – there is a battery recycling box in A739.
  10. Tell students about recycling:  As part of your first day of class “guidelines”; announce the hallway recycling locations to your students and insist that they use the appropriate recycling bins located in the hallways. Monitor their activities throughout the semester, to remind them as needed.
  11. Use fewer  handouts and use ANGEL MORE: Use fewer classroom handouts and make better use of Angel! This will save lots of paper each year. Scan articles, handouts, lecture notes, use web-links, video-links, etc.
  12. Donate unused textbooks to the annual “Books for Africa” book drive: held in the lobby of every building at the end of every semester---remind students to contribute too! Or donate them to the FIT Library or a local library in your community.
  13. UNWANTED MAIL / JUNK Mail: To Cancel Miscellaneous / Unwanted Catalog Mailings sent to your offices: Contact the Mail Room and ask them about the “Unwanted Mail program”!! 7-4764;  Just save the things you no longer want—fill out the form—bring to the mail rrom and they will take care of the rest! AT HOME:àTake the time to call the 800 number on the catalogs you no longer want coming to your home!
  14. EVENT FLIERS: DO NOT USE EVENT or informational FLIERS to advertise your school-wide events. Use e-mail or Voice-mail communication.
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