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Library Facts - 2013 Yearly Statistics

  Library Collections 
 100+ Databases 
  Electronic Books 
  Periodical Titles 
  Electronic Periodicals 
  Fashion Forecast Services (Print) 
  Fashion Forecast Services (Electronic) 
  Fashion Look Books 
  Vertical Files 
 956 subjects
Picture Files  
 160 categories
Fashion Files 
 236 designers
Designer Files 
  Special Collections 
  Old/Rare Periodicals 
  Designer Archives 
  Original Artworks 
  FIT Archives (Feet) 
  Library Services 
 27,683 Items Loaned Out 
 30,106 Reserve Transactions 
  Interlibrary Loans 
1,851 Items loaned to other libraries 
 1,133 Items borrowed from other libraries 
  Information Literacy presentations 
 204 (4,896 attendees) Groups 
 4,986 Total Attendance 
 202 Reference Consultations 
 147 Reference Desk Assistance (virtual)
 673 Ask a Librarian (email) 
  New Items ordered 
  Created new titles/holdings 
  Library Space (Public) 
  Square Feet 
 209 Seats 
 77 Study Carrels 
 98 Mac Work Stations 
 100 PC Work Stations 
 9 Style Cat Terminals 
 9 Scanners 
 2 FIT-ABLE ADA Equipped Workstations 
 45,837 Linear Feet of Shelving 
 2 Library Instruction Classrooms 
 0 Group Study Rooms 
 2 Light Boxes 
 1 Opaque Tracing Equipment 
  Library Personnel (*FTE) 
 12.13 Library Faculty 
 9.09 Professional Staff 
 23.33 Support Staff 
 11.07 Student Assistants 
 55.62 Total 
 3,340,065 Total Salaries and Wages 
 487,099 Total Material Expenditures (including ILL) 
 152,067 Other Expenditures 
 3,979,231 Total Expenditures 
  *FTE: Full Time Equivalency based on a 35 hour work week 

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