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Course Descriptions

HP 201
Introduction to Home Products
3 credits
Students are familiarized with the wide range of home products, both soft lines (textile) and hard lines (non-textile), that comprise the home furnishings industry. Product development and merchandising within each category are emphasized. Many sessions take place at retailers and industry showrooms throughout the city.

HP 231
America at Home: Product Styles from 1900 to Contemporary
3 credits
Introduces the elements of design, color, and theory in the decorative arts that comprise the home products industry. Emphasis is on the contemporary approach to product development and design. Students explore the influence of historical, cultural, and social perspectives on products for the home. (G6: Arts)

HP 313
Manufacturing and Marketing of Home Products Hard Lines I
3 credits
Students are introduced to hard lines marketing from conception through manufacture in order to effectively develop products. Part I surveys the various manufacturing processes and marketing strategies for several hard goods classifications (furniture, ceramics, and glass) of the home furnishings industry.

HP 314
Manufacturing and Marketing of Home Products Hard Lines II
3 credits
Prerequisite: HP 313
Part II further surveys the manufacturing processes, marketing strategies, and product development for several hard goods classifications (metal, giftware, housewares, and home lighting) of the home furnishings industry.

HP 315
Textile Applications: Home Products
2.5 credits; 2 Lecture and 1 LABORATORY hours per week
Presenting both user and consumer viewpoints, this course examines how textiles relate to end-use home products. Students study the ways in which fibers, yarns, fabric formation, and finishing are interrelated and integrated from the perspectives of design, styling, and cost relative to specific home products and target markets.

HP 322
Home Products Brand Management
3 credits
Prerequisite: HP 313
This course utilizes product development factors in identifying and differentiating home products from other goods and services. Analysis of brand preferences is demonstrated through case studies based on consumer identification and the needs of the marketplace.

HP 351
The European Home Furnishings Industry
3 credits
Students develop a firsthand understanding of the home furnishings marketing process from the European perspective. Emphasis is placed on product knowledge in terms of product development, production techniques, and European markets. The group will visit manufacturers, showrooms, retail outlets, specialized museums, and trade shows in Italy and Portugal (or possibly England).

HP 421
Strategic Product Management
3 credits
Prerequisites: HP 314 and HP 315
Co-requisite: HP 491
Students analyze and resolve complex business problems, utilizing their knowledge and understanding of strategic product management. They gain insights and skills necessary to formulate and implement sound marketing strategy.

HP 432
Home Products Analytical Strategies
3 credits
Prerequisite: HP 421 and HP 491
The home product development cycle is studied, with a focus on the development of product based on the coordination of soft and hard goods classifications. Product integrity is addressed through comprehensive analysis and written product reviews subject to critical industry evaluation.

HP 491
Home Products Design and Development Process
3 credits
Prerequisites: HP 314 and HP 315
Co-requisite: HP 421
An overview of the design and development process of products for the home is provided. Such principles of design as composition, color, shape, form, and structure are introduced. Differences between the design of products and the product development process in the home furnishings industry are emphasized. Teamwork and presentation skills are implemented as students develop a product line.

HP 492
Home Products Senior Project
2 credits; 1 Lecture and 2 STUDIO hours per week
Prerequisite: HP 491
The curriculum culminates in this capstone course, which requires the student to develop a product based on the coordination of soft and hard goods classifications. A comprehensive visual presentation and written product review support the viability and integrity of the product concept.

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