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Featured Stories

MFIT Receives MANY Award of Merit

MFIT Receives MANY Award of Merit
A Queer History of Fashion Receives MANY's Highest Honor Read More
January 13, 2014

A Calendar of Global Fashion-related Exhibitions: 2014

We hope you'll go see fashion exhibitions wherever you live! Read More
April 03, 2013

TIME is on our side

The Twitter feed of The Museum at FIT has been named among TIME magazine’s 140 best of 2013! 

Read More
October 22, 2012

A Very Intellectual Fashion

Schön! Magazine speaks to Valerie Steele on making it fashionable to be clever. Read More
October 09, 2012

Is Fashion Art?

Valerie Steele gave a keynote speech - "Is Fashion Art?" - at the Mumok, Museum of Modern Art Vienna.   Read More
September 06, 2012

Museum at FIT Awarded Accreditation by the American Alliance of Museums (AAM)

AAM accreditation seal
The Museum at FIT receives highest national professional recognition. Read More
March 23, 2012

Suzy Menkes on Valerie Steele

Valerie Steele
 Suzy Menkes calls Valerie Steele "the Freud of fashion" in a two-page spread for the New York Times. Read More
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