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Register Online


Login to MyFit myfit.fitnyc.edu

Enter your FIT username in this format: firstname_last name

Enter in your password.  The default case sensitive password is your birthday in Mmmddyyyy format. For example if your
birthday is April 8, 1996 your default password is: Apr081996

After successful login, click on the Student tab. Under Online Information System heading, click Registration.

Select the term to register for and click Register/Add/Drop Classes.  Click on Class Search at the bottom
of the page

Add Classes Worksheet

Highlight the subject of the course(s) you are searching for then click on Course Search.

To register for a class/section/meeting time of your choosing, click the box to the far left.  Select Register or Add to
at the bottom of the page. 
NOTE: If the box is not visible, that course section is not available for registration.

If you have several Course Reference Numbers (CRNs) you'd like to register for at once, select Register/Add/Drop
under the Registration menu.
Enter CRNs in boxes and click Submit Changes.  NOTE: Courses that are co-requisites of each other must be registered/entered at the same time otherwise you will get registration error messages.

If you have successfully registered, the screen will look like this one below.  To drop a course from your schedule, click Web Drop under the Action column.