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FIT Placement Exams FAQ

Q. What do the tests cover?
The English test tests both grammar and reading comprehension, which are both done on the computer in a multiple-choice format. In addition, students are asked to write a short essay by hand. Both the arithmetic and algebra tests are multiple-choice and computer-based. The arithmetic test covers principles of fractions, percents and decimals. The algebra test covers principles of solving equations, evaluating algebraic equations and graphing. (To see sample questions, please go the Math and Science Department in B831.) The computer test covers the basics of Microsoft Word and Excel.

Q. What if I canít make the test time I registered for?
A. Up to the starting time of the test, you can change your appointment at no cost. Simply register for a new time. However, if you fail to cancel your appointment before that testing session begins, you will be charged and you will also have to pay for the testing session you do come to.

Q. May I use a calculator?
A. NO.

Q. May I use a dictionary?

Q. May I use scrap paper?
A. Yes, but for the essay on the English exam your final draft must be entered into the computer.

Q. How long will the test take?
A. English exams should take approximately two hours. Each Math exam should take approximately 45 minutes.

Q. May I have extra time for the essay?
A. No. All students have 40 minutes to finish their essays unless they have a documented learning disability and they have submitted proper documentation to the placement center before the exam.

Q. May I go to the bathroom during the test?
Yes, students may go to the bathroom at any time.

Q. What ID number should I use when I make appointments for my placement tests?
All student who have applied to FIT or have registered as non-degree students have been assigned a computer generated ID number which begins with the @ symbol and is followed by eight digits. This is the number you should use as your User ID number for scheduling your placement tests on line.

Questions Frequently Asked After the Test is Over

Q. When will I get my test results?
Math results are posted the following day on the web (click here). English results take one or two days before being posted on the web (click here) at that time. During the month prior to fall and spring freshman registration, you are urged to take placement tests as early as possible in order to get your results before registration. If you do not take the test early, then you will find out your test results during registration and may find all the English and Math classes in full.

Q. What do I do with the placement test results?
A. Be sure to bring a printout of your results when you register for classes.

Q. What do my placement test results mean?
A. Your placement tells you the class for which you need to register. If you have questions about a specific math class, you may speak with someone in the Math Department in Room B831, 212 217.3020. If you have questions regarding the English course in which you are placed, please contact the Educational Skills Department in Room B602, 212 217.5250.

Q. I am not happy with my placement results. May I retake the tests?
A. NO! Please register for the course into which you are placed. In the case of English, the instructor of that course will give a diagnostic essay on the first day of class to verify that each student has been placed correctly