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C.J. Yeh, Communication Design Faculty

When I studied design and fine arts, I took only one computer class. I was told, “The computer is just a tool. Go learn about it on your own time.” It was such a struggle. Oftentimes during the process I thought, “If only someone could teach me this, I wouldn’t have wasted the past three months trying to figure it out.” I kept teaching myself the computer, always wishing someone could guide me through the process. That’s why I became a teacher.

I believe there’s a better way of teaching computers, technology, and art. This is a very different type of education and I believe there’s a different way we can do it and make it better. The teacher’s salary is not comparable to what industry has to offer, but you have to ask what you want from life. This is what I love to do—engage with exciting young minds and watch them grow. My goal as a teacher is to make every student of mine better than myself, because they learned from me so they should build on what I already know.