NonCredit Online Course Registration Instructions

For a list of online non-credit course offerings visit
Registrants must be 18 years of age or older.

This registration process is not for precollege parents and students. 
Visit this page for precollege registration.

You may register online, in person, by fax or by mail.
If you are registering in person, by fax or mail enrollment in an online non-credit course requires you to register for the class at FIT. For instructions visit:

For online registration for a noncredit online course, see the Online Registration  Instructions below.

Once you have registered for your course, use your login credentials from FIT to access the online course. All online courses are offered through the SUNY Learning Network (SLN) and are taken on the internet using the SLN Angel course system at



Online Registration Instructions
For online registration identify whether you are a new student or a continuing student:

New Students
New Students are those who have never taken a course at FIT in the past. Follow the instructions for New Students below.

Continuing Students
Continuing Students are those who have taken a course within the previous major semester at FIT (Spring or Fall). 

If you have taken a course before the previous semester at FIT, you may need to request a non-credit readmission prior to registration on the web. Go to for readmission instructions.

Follow the instructions for Continuing Students below.



New Students Non-Credit Registration Instructions for Online Courses:
For those who have never taken a course at FIT in the past, registration is a two-step process. Students are encouraged to register for online courses early, preferably one week prior to course start date, however if you are new to our offerings and close to the course start date call 212 217.7715 for assistance.

First Step: Enrollment at FIT
1. Begin by completing the FIT Enrollment Form at
2. After submitting your enrollment form you will receive a confirmation email within two to five business days at the email address you supply on the form. If it is close to the course start date call 212 217.7715 for faster assistance. This email will include your FIT username, FIT ID number (called your @number), and your default password (Your birth date which you MUST supply on the Enrollment Form). (Note: Your password is valid for 120 days. You must reset it after this time.) The email will also include instructions on how to register for your classes (see Second Step below). If you have not received a confirmation email within five business days, contact the Non-Credit Registration Center at or 212-217-7715.
Note: Payment must be made at the time of registration and can be made online following the instructions in the Second Step below.

SPECIAL NOTE: IF you have ever taken any course at FIT in any program, you are NOT a New Student. Completing the Enrollment Form as a new student for previous students may delay processing your registration. Contact the Non-Credit Registration Center at 212-217-7715 if you are not certain of your status.

Second Step: Register for a course at FIT (Website Registration Instructions)
1. Go to 
2. Enter your FIT username: firstname_lastname
3. Enter your password. Your default password is your birthday in Mmmddyyyy format. For example, April 4, 1986, is Apr041986. (Note: your password is case sensitive.)
If after 120 days your password expired, go to with your username and the last four digits of your student ID number (your @number) to reset your password. (Contact FIT customer service for further assistance at or 212-217-4357)

4. Click on Login
5. Click on Student Services (STUDENT) tab.

6. Click Registration.

7. Click Select Term.

8. Select the current term from the drop-down menu (the term you wish to register for).
9. Click Submit.

10. Click Register/Add/Drop Classes

11. Enter the Course Registration Numbers (CRNs) for the courses you have selected. CRNs are the four- or five-digit numbers in the first column of the course listings. Note: You can identify Online courses by the Section Number beginning with the prefix “OL”. 12. Click on Submit Changes to add the course sections entered.

13. To look for additional course sections, click on Class Search. Select the subject of the course from the drop-down menu (e.g. SXF Fashion Business). Then in the Course Number box, enter the three-digit course number (e.g.001). (To see all open sections in a subject area, select the subject only and leave the rest of the options blank.)
Then click on Class Search.

14. Once you find the CRN for the next course you wish to register for, click the check box next to the course you wish to register for, and Click “Register or Add to Worksheet”. This will add the class and take you back to the Add or Drop Classes page.

15. To drop a course section you must complete an Add/Drop form and submit this form to the Non-Credit Registration Center at
NOTE: For Non-Credit courses, the “Drop” feature under Student Services does not function.
16. IMPORTANT: You must click Complete Your Registration to finalize your changes. This link is at the very bottom of the Add or Drop Classes page.

17. To print your schedule, go back to the registration menu and click Student Schedule Course by Course.

Click Submit for a printer-friendly version (example below).

Student Schedule by Date and Time gives you a weekly planner view of your schedule.

18. View Registration Fee Assessment and Check Your Registration Status to determine this information.
19. Select Student Records and Student Accounts from the STUDENT tab to access the Student Payment Suite to “Pay My Bill” and “eBills” payment pages.

20. Select Make a Payment and you can choose to pay by electronic check or credit card for your courses. Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express are accepted. You can choose Payment History to view and print a record of your payments. (Just print the browser page for a paper record of your payments)
21. Click Exit (Log Out) in the top right corner to log out.
22. Four days prior to the beginning Date of the Online Course, you can begin to access your course to take the Angel Student Orientation at . Use your FIT username and password to log into the Angel course management system and you should see the course you have registered for under the Courses tab. (Contact FIT customer service if you do not see your course - or

23. Take the Angel Student Orientation under the Student Resources tab to familiarize yourself with the Angel Course management system. Then, on the starting date of the course, begin accessing your course by selecting the course name under the Courses tab.

Continuing Students Non-Credit Registration Instructions for Online Courses:
Website Registration Instructions
1. Go to
2. Enter your FIT username: firstname_lastname

You may obtain your FIT username and ID number (your @number) by sending an email to If you do not know your password, or if it has expired, go to .
3. Follow Steps 3 to 23 above at “Second Step: Register for a course at FIT”