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Meet Team Members

Front row: Kate, Mackenzie, Juliana, Michelle, Julie, Abby
Back Row: Liz, Coach Mary Dooe, Dana, Coach Dan Hekman

Comments from past team members:

Emily Morris

From:† South Pasadena, Florida
Age:† 23
Major:† Textile Development, Bachelor of Science Program

Emily is†captain of the Swim Team and she is a great assistant to the coach. She started on the team in the 2008-2009 Season.

What swimming background do you have?
I swam in high school, but I also did summer leagues while growing up, until the age of 15.

What do you expect out of your swim team?
I expect them to show up on time and have good sportsmanship. This league is very inclusive, which is nice but we have a lot of raw talent on our team.

How do you determine the selection of swimmers during try-outs?
We usually have a strong tryout session. We group swimmers as those who have previous experience, maybe even out of high school, those who can swim well but can improve, and those who need more training. Some students mistake the team as a swimming lesson class, but we are happy to direct them to where they can join a swimming class elsewhere.

How would you describe the team's atmosphere?
I would say that our swimmers become a small family, especially since we have competitions far away. We spend a lot of time together, we know each otherís majors, we know when others have tests, and itís a close knit group.

Celeste Weins

Celeste was a swimmer for the Spring 2008 season and the Spring 2010 season.

From:† St. Paul, Minnesota
Age: 20
Major: Graphic Design
Semester: 6th

How many practices are there and did you find it difficult to manage sports and school at the same time?
There were practices 3 days a week. No I didn't find it difficult. I joined the team to get back in the sport and have fun; that's what the team was all about.

How would you describe the team's atmosphere?
Fun, encouraging and competitive but not too serious.

What did swimming bring to you?
A good workout.

What would you say to someone interested in joining the team but who is still hesitant?
Go for it!

Kaitlyn Egan

Kaithlyn Egan was a diver on the team for the spring 2009 season and the spring 2010 season.

From: Allentown, PA
Age: 19
Major: Photography
Semester: 4th

How would you describe the team's atmosphere?
A lot of fun!

What did swimming bring to you?
One of my best friends at FIT, plus other good friends and a lot of laughs. Florida was awesome too and my coach is helping me network with my interest in skating photography.

What would you say to someone interested in joining the team but who is still hesitant?
Do it, it's a lot of fun and not too serious so you can focus on school and use it to get active. It is a great way to meet new people and go to fun places for free!

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