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What is Waitlisting?

Waitlisting is a feature in MyFIT that allows you to get “in line” for courses that have filled or closed.  This automated process notifies you, via your FIT email, when a spot has opened up and it becomes your turn to register for the class.

Being on a Waitlist does not guarantee you a seat in a section.  When you waitlist a section, you are not registered for the class.  The Waitlist means you are waiting for a seat.

Who can Waitlist?

Currently, Advertising & Marketing Communications, Fashion Business Management, Entrepreneurship, and the School of Liberal Arts are offering this option on their courses.

How To Know If A Course Has A Waitlist Option

-          In the Class Look Up page, sections with Waitlist available will show the Waitlist information as follows on the class search:

o   WL CAP column = how many students are allowed to Waitlist the section

o   WL Act column = how many students have Waitlisted the section

o   WL Rem column = how many students are still able to Waitlist the section

-          Courses without Waitlist available will only show the enrollment (XL) information

Adding Yourself To A Waitlist

-          Follow your regular procedure for registration:

o   Log in to the portal, and go to “Student”

o   Click “Registration”

o   Click “Register/Add/Drop Classes”

o   Add the CRN to the registration worksheet, and click “Submit Changes”

-          If the course is closed, and Waitlist is available, a drop down menu will appear under the action column

-          Select WAITLIST from the drop down menu, and click “Submit Changes”

-          If you have restrictions preventing you from registering, you will be alerted at this time.  Follow the same protocol to obtain your permissions by visiting the department of the course. Once they enter your override, you may Waitlist for the course, and will be able to register if your seat opens up.

Waitlist Notifications

When a seat becomes available for a class you’ve Waitlisted, a notification is automatically sent to your FIT email account.  The email will let you know a seat has become available, and will advise you to register before the stated deadline (24 hours from when the email is sent).  If you don’t register for the course within the allotted time, you forfeit your seat and it is offered to the next student.

If you add yourself to a Waitlist be sure to check your FIT Email EVERY DAY or you may lose your seat.

When you receive a notification that a Waitlisted seat is available, you must:

-          Log into your registration within the 24 hour timeline

-          Find the Waitlisted class on your schedule (in the add/drop worksheet)

o   The status will say “Waitlisted”

-          Select “Web Register” from the dropdown menu – this option now appears because your seat is available

-          Click “Submit Changes”

Dropping From A Waitlist

You may drop yourself from a Waitlist at any time by going into your registration and selecting “Web Drop” for the class, then clicking “submit.” You will not incur any fees.


  • Be sure to monitor your courses/waitlists and determine how long you feel comfortable waiting for a seat to open.  If the start of the term is approaching and you haven't registered for the course, you should consider registering for other sections/courses to make sure you meet your requirements.
  • Waitlists will be turned off , at which point you will no longer be able to Waitlist yourself.  However, students already on Waitlists at that time will continue to have the opportunity to register for their courses if seats become available.  See the Academic Calendar for specific closing dates by semester.
  • You can Waitlist yourself for multiple courses, but NOT for multiple sections of the same course. 
  • Check your FIT email daily.
  • Email notifications are only sent when a seat becomes available (either due to a student dropping, or an increase in class capacity).
  • If you lose your spot on a Waitlist, or intentionally drop your spot, you can get back on by re-registering, but keep in mind you may then be lower priority on the queu.
  •  If you need a departmental override (for a major restriction or prerequisite, for example) you should try obtain this before Waitlisting if you already know you need to.  If you attempt to Waitlist for a course in which you have restriction errors, the system will not let you Waitlist the course and you’ll need to go to the department to obtain the proper overrides. Once they are entered, you won’t have to obtain permission again if a seat opens.
  • Waitlisting will NOT give you an error if you register for a course that has a time conflict with another course for which you’ve already registered, so be mindful of your schedule when choosing a course to Waitlist.
  • You will receive a <Reserved for Waitlist> error message if/when the system is giving priority to those students previously on the Waitlist.

Waitlisting is not a guaranteed seat in a section, and does not automatically register you into a class.  If you have any further questions, please call the Registrar’s Office at 212.217.3820.

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