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Director's Welcome


Welcome to the Library. Our mission is to assist the FIT community by providing dynamic access to informational resources, services and a research hub location for learning and information retrieval. From our incredibly rich Special Collections and Archives to our FITDIL (FIT Digital Image Library), a collection of 66,000+ images, we have research material which can empower you to answer questions, meet learning objectives and inspire your creativity.


Our website: The Library's Web Management Team has worked to ensure intuitive access to the Library's wide array of resources and services. Please use the website to answer your Library related questions about resources, departments, services, policies, and personnel.

We not only provide access to numerous information resources, we also offer dynamic instruction in developing the skills needed to locate, analyze and evaluate that information. Our Research and Instructional Services Team through course-related library instruction, foster life-long learning skills in students that will empower them to be critical thinkers, confident decision-makers and informed citizens.

Please visit us in the Goodman Center, Library entrance on the 5th floor, and on the web at
  We hope to see you soon!
Professor NJ Bradeen,
Library Director





  FIT Office of Library Directors 
  NJ Bradeen, Professor Director
  Greta Earnest,
Associate Professor
Associate Director
  Tabitha Hanslick Nguyen
Executive Coordinator
  John Williams Resource Assistant
  Jenne Brady Information Assistant
   Goodman Center, 5th floor 212 217.4370 (voice) 
212 217.4371 (fax)

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