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How to Choose a Precollege Course

Selecting a Precollege course takes a bit of research on the student's part. We cannot tell you what to enroll in. Course selection is based on the your major of interest, abilities and weaknesses, and overall passion for the subject. Choose a course you'll be excited about!

1. First, how much time can you spend on our FIT campus? Not much? Our Precollege Workshops are 4-day courses that immerse you in a very focused skill or topic in a short period of time. Perfect for first-time students, hobbyists, or those who need to work on specific projects for their portfolios. Many of the skills taught apply across several of our majors, so it's great way to introduce yourself to our degree programs or just have fun! Use our Interests and Talents chart to help you determine which Workshop is best for you (coming soon).

2. Are you a high school student interested in applying to one of FIT's Undergraduate Programs? Our Saturday, Sunday and Summer Live courses are a perfect way to experience our campus culture, explore our degree programs, and prepare for the college admissions process. Courses are offered over 11 (fall and spring) or 12 (summer) days and really give Precollege students a sense of what it would be like to be an FIT undergraduate. These courses are a must for students applying to FIT or similar colleges. To choose a "Live" course, follow these tips:

  • Determine which of our FIT majors you are considering. Not sure? Explore FIT's Undergraduate Programs.  Look at the details for the major, including the Program and Beyond Graduation. Look through the list of curriculum to see the types of courses you'll be enrolled in as an undergraduate. When you see a major with courses you are excited about, look for the Precollege courses offered by that major. For example, if you are excited about our Fine Arts major, look for Precollege courses with the code HFA (High School Fine Arts). They are developed and taught by our Fine Arts faculty and will prepare you for entry into that major. You can also mix and match! So if you can't decide between Fashion Merchandising or Fashion Design, take a course in each. Continue to explore our courses until you find the perfect "FIT" (pun intended).
  • Once you know which major(s) you’re interested in, review our Precollege Course Recommendations below to see the list of courses we recommend you take. Courses with an asterisk* are the ones you should consider first. Always choose a course that either excites you or addresses your area of weakness. Don’t choose a class because your friend is in it…this will not make for a successful experience. Do not shy away from courses that provide skills you are weak in, or new to, if they are necessary for your portfolio. Our courses are designed to empower you and grow your talents. Enrolling in something you're already great in won't help you become a more well-rounded applicant. Take a chance, try something new!
  • Please note: all of our professors are also able to talk to you about FIT portfolio requirements, admissions requirements, and general information about being an FIT undergrad. You do not need a course with the word PORTFOLIO in the title to prepare portfolio pieces or get admissions information! "Portfolio" classes are for students who have a large volume of work and are ready to finalize their choices, not to make lots of new work. If you do not yet have 20+ pieces of work to consider for your portfolio, you should not enroll in a portfolio-level course. Spend your time with us making LOTS of new work by choosing a beginner or intermediate course.

Finally, when you know which class you want, visit: High School Programs or Middle School Programs to view course dates, times, and to enroll. You're all set!

Precollege Course Recommendations:

Accessories Design-
AAS Portfolio Building Courses

Advertising and Marketing Communications- AAS Essay Recommendations

Communication Design- AAS Portfolio Building Courses

Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing
- AAS Essay Recommendations

Fashion Design: Apparel- AAS Portfolio Building Courses

Fashion Design: Art- AAS Portfolio Building Courses

Fashion Design: Menswear- AAS Portfolio Building Courses

Fashion Styling- Is Fashion Styling a major at FIT?

Film and Media-AAS Essay Recommendations

Fine Arts- AAS Portfolio Building Courses

Fashion Business Management- AAS Essay Recommendations

Interior Design- AAS Portfolio Building Courses

Illustration- AAS Portfolio Building Courses

International Trade and Marketing- AAS Essay Recommendations

Jewelry Design- AAS Portfolio Building Courses

Photography- AAS Portfolio Building Courses

Production Management-AAS Essay Recommendations

Textile Development and Marketing- AAS Essay Recommendations

Textile/Surface Design- AAS Portfolio Building Courses

Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design-AAS Portfolio Building Courses 







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