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Welcome to the FabLab, an asset of the F.I.T. Library!

FabLab is FITís professional digital fabrication lab that handles 3D printing and laser cutting services for students, staff, and faculty of FIT. FabLab is currently equipped with 2 Stratasys uPrint+ 3D printers and 1 Universal Laser System VLS3.60 60 watt laser machine.  Class projects will need to be discussed by FabLab management before being accepted. There is no guarantee on turnaround times, but we will try our best to complete jobs within a week. All submitted work must be properly setup before we start any work.  Files that are not setup properly will not be corrected and will be returned to the customer for correction. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact FabLab staff in Pomerantz D529A.

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